VAT in UAE: – Things that you must know about Changes in VAT?


The United Arab Emirates has determined to present 5% VAT on all business deals from 1 January 2018. It is in partnership with other GCC countries, who have assured to apply this latest value of VAT. The GCC countries will have a full year to the appliance the tax, but the United Arab Emirates has planned the initial execute and has started the starting phase of that time structure.

After knowing this, the question came in mind of buyer that they have to pay VAT every time when they bought something?

Well, don’t worry, there are 100 things in the list that will be exempt from VAT costs i.e. Education, Health, food, and public facilities. The Critics have said that the presentation of this 5% rate will increase the on the whole cost of fulfilling the total faith and the government’s policy on this issue is that it will not do this because the daily requirements will not be involved in this tax.

The execution of rate of 5% has been suspended until 1 January 2018 so that businesses and organizations have time to execute the required changes before installation. This will involve developing the program which involves this rate of essential goods and services as well as conducting the cash register to make proper bookkeeping process to trace all taxes possessed.  The accountant who is familiar with filing such tax forms will be on the card for the businesses of UAE because the right to comply with this new law will be a requirement for all businesses employed in the administration.


Necessary golden rule to keep in mind

  • Min. Turnover: AED. 375,000/-
  • Applicable Tax: 4% or 5%
  • Effective Date:  01st January 2018
  • Exempted Industry: Health Care, Education, Local Transport, etc
  • Online Portal Registration:  From 1st October 2017

However, there is no direct impact on the cost of living, the cost of doing business becomes more than 5% more expensive at all times, but initially, there is an additional cost to upgrade the system to include tax. Every arithmetic as well as extra costs in acquaintance management, i.e. to understand all the employees how the new VAT process will work.

Will companies start recruiting VAT professionals?

The Supplier will be hardly impressed as competing to provide less value in addition to VAT.  A  Large organization may really have to appoint freshly employee to ensure compliance with VAT, while small organizations are probably to expand this necessity to an expert calculating company.

When will be the registration for VAT?

As earlier released, the registration will be open three months before the live date. The Companies can also have the choice to register online. If the primary date of VAT introduce; demonstrate is traced, then the organization may start registering for VAT from 1 October 2017.

Will organizations be defrocked if they do not collect VAT?

Organizations are reassured to execute the new tax system, but the Finance Ministry said that the government is presently in the proceeding of determining the accurate duty and penalty for not obedience.

How often do organizations require entering VAT returns?

For most businesses, VAT returns should be filed every three months; the government can send returns by making use of e-services.

What is the idea of ​​other taxes in the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates is not reducing the chance of collecting other methods of tax. “According to the global best practice, the United Arab Emirates is searching for other tax options. However, they are still being analyzed and it is unlikely that they will present in the near future. The United Arab Emirates is not currently considering personal income taxes, however, the finance ministry has said.

Some Tips for Businessman for executing VAT in UAE:-

  1. Firstly, they have to look whether their business required to be get registered; whether their annual turnover is more than AED 375,000/.
  2. Then, need to check whether they have appropriate bookkeeping software or not?
  3. The businessmen are required to examine whether they have the professional and expert employee to manage the Department.
  4. Analyzing the serviceable task of your organization.
  5. Registration for VAT.
  6. Appropriate Record examines.